Crop activator


VITAFIT activates the plant’s bio-chemical processes, made out of a combination of AATC, precursor of the natural amino acid Cysteine, with other high quality chemical elements. It strengthens natural mechanisms of stress response, favouring vegetative growth particularly during the swelling phase; increases quality and quantity of the yield as well as texture and fruit’s organoleptic properties.


AATC (N-acetyl-tiazolidin-4-carboxylic acid) 5%




VITAFIT may be mixed with all foliar fertilisers and agrochemicals, except those with alkaline reaction.



  • 1 Kg bottles
  • 12 Kg cartoon

Epochs and doses of use

CROPS DOSE Application timing, advice and benefits
Vegetables 50 – 70 ml/hl 3-4 applications: post-transplant, beginning of vegetative awakening, first flowering phases, fruit setting and/or growth of edible parts. Better development, fruit setting and fruit growth.
Olive 50 – 80 ml/hl 2-3 applications: pre-flowering for a better fruit setting; at the end of flowering to reduce fruit drop and improve drupe growth, during veraison to increase oil yield.
Fruits 50 ml/hl 3-4 applications every 15 days: during flowering phase and petal drop to increase fruit number and size as well as lengthening.
Citrus 50 ml/hl 3 applications: beginning and end of flowering phase, fruit setting phase.
Vine 50 ml/h 3-4 applications every 15-20 days from beginning to end of flowering phase and at veraison start, in order to improve grape formation and fruit setting, as well as sugar levels and colouring.
Zucchini, cucumber, melon, watermelon 50 – 60 ml/hl 4-5 applications every 10-12 days from first grown fruits, in order to increase diameter fruit size and lengthening.
Tomatoes, Peppers, Aubergines 50 – 60 ml/hl 4-5 applications every 10-12 days from flowering phase to fruit setting to obtain an increase of the quantity of fruits, their size and length, precocity as well as uniform ripening.
Artichokes 50 ml/hl 2-3 applications every 10-12 days since differentiation of first buds to advance in time and increase their size.
Strawberries 50 ml/hl We advise multiple applications every 15 days throughout the vegetative cycle.
Carrots 50 – 70 ml/hl 3-4 applications every 10-12 days from beginning of the growth of the taproot during the whole growth phase, to improve taproot growth.
Potatoes 50 – 80 ml/hl 2-3 applications from the moment the plant reaches at least 20cm and during pre-flowering phase during tuber formation after 20 days. Optimal against temperature changes and for swelling.
Spinach, Lettuce, Rocket 1 lt/ha 2 applications, the first one when plants have 4-5 leaves, the second one after 10-15 days.
Beans, Green beans 50 – 60 ml/hl 4-5 applications every 10-15 days from the moment the plant has 5-6 leaves
Durum and soft wheat, barley 0,5 – 1 lt/ha 1-2 applications from tillering/stem elongation – boot and head emergence, or a single treatment at head emergence.
Maize 750 ml/ha During the phase between the 4th and 7th leaf, or 0,5-1 lt/ha mixed with post-emergency herbicides.
Rice 400 – 500 ml/ha During herbicide treatment against piperaceae.
Flower, Ornamental plants 50 – 60 ml/hl 3-4 applications every 15-20 days, starting from post-transplant.