Growth activator with a high content of free amino acids


VITAMIN K100 is an organic fertiliser in powdered form, exclusively made of free amino acids. These amino acids are promptly absorbed; through foliar application they allow plants to save energy and rapidly start biosynthesis processes. Furthermore they perform an important role in overcoming stress-induced growth halts.

VITAMIN K100 due to a high content of active bio precursor principles increases the fruit size; thanks to these growth promoters that from the fruit setting phase to the fruit growth phase increase the quality and quantity of the yield.

Raw material



2 Kg. drums and/or cartons of 10 1 kg. boxes containing gr. 250 bags

Application guides

We suggest to use the product during the entire growth cycle; it’s ideal to overcome post-transplant stress.

VITAMIN K100 may be mixed with phytochemicals (except copper based products) and with most popular herbicides in post-emergency situation, as it performs as a conveyor and boosts action and translocation of endotherapic phytochemicals.

Foliar applications and Fertirrigation

500/1000 gr./ha for leaf vegetables and fruits, peach, apple, pear, plum, apricot, vine, olive, citrus, artichoke, strawberry, kiwi, potato, floriculture crops, cereals, rice, corn, and mixed with herbicides.

Amino acids, composition (g/100g protein)

totali Liberi Totali Liberi
Alanine 4,1 3,7 Lysine 3,0 3,0
Arginine 5,9 5,0 Methionine 0,5 0,5
Aspartic Acid 6,0 5,8 Phenylalanine 4,1 3,6
Cysteine & Cystine 2,9 3,0 Proline 7,4 6,5
Glutamic Acid 8,8 8,0 Serine 9,5 9,4
Glycine 6,0 5,6 Threonine 4,5 3,9
Histidine 0,8 0,5 Tyrosine 0,9 0,7
Isoleucine 4,0 3,0 Valine 5,2 4,0
Leucine 6,8 6,2

Total amino acids: ca. 80%

Free amino acids: ca. 72%

Above mentioned values are approximate and may vary according to the raw materials.