Potassium foafito


VITA FOSFYK is a particular fluid mineral fertiliser containing high quantities of phosphorous and potassium, in potassium phosphite form. 


VITA FOSFYK favours better flower and root system development and better fruit quality; furthermore plants are more resistant to mildews (Phytophthora spp., Plasmopara v., Bremia l., Peronospora spp, Pseudoperonospora c.).


Foliar and root spray




Phosphorous is an important macro element for the growth of vegetable tissues; aids the development of the roots system and is paramount for physiological processes linked to flowering, fruit setting and fruit ripening. Potassium regulates transpiration, and intervenes in the creation of sugary substances and their move to the plants reserve organs. Quality of crop yield (sugary levels, colour, flavour, consistency), depends on these two nutrients..

Potassium phosphites are fertilising salts which are highly water-soluble and have a chemical structure of moderate dimensions with a high P2Ocontent: thanks to these characteristics, they present a high systemic activity in the plants as they easily penetrate in the vegetable tissues and move in both ascending and descending directions. In comparison to potassium phosphates, at same weight, they supply higher quantities of P2O5 e K2O.  Within vegetables they have a nutritional function as well as a highly protective function, derived from the natural phosphite induced increase of the synthesis of endogen phytoalexins. These are natural substances that increase vegetable resistance to fungal and bacterial pathogens.

For these reasons, VITA FOSFYK can be conveniently used for phosphor-potassium nutrition in alternative to common potassium phosphate,  in both foliar applications and soil and root applications.


% p/p % p/v
Phosphoric Anhydride (P2O5) water soluble 30 42
Potassium Oxide (K2O) water soluble 20 38


Density: 1400 g/l

pH: 4-5

Application doses



Application timings and quantity

Apple, pear, peach, apricot, cherry, citrus


200 – 400 g/hl

(150 – 300 ml/hl)

2-4 applications from growing phase


3-4 applications from pre-flowering, every 10-15 days

Strawberry, lettuce, spinach,


Greenhouse Fertirrigation:

1 – 2 g/m2

(0,7 – 1,5 ml/m2)

Field Fertirrigation:

5 – 10 kg/ha

(7 – 14 l/ha)

Roots immersion:

200 g/hl

(150 ml/hl)

2 applications  during first vegetative phases every 15 days

Tomato, peppers, aubergine,

cucumber, melon, watermelon

2-3 applications post-transplant

Ornamental plants, nurseries, seedlings

Various applications according to need since first growing phases


2-4 applications from first vegetative phases every 15 days


Avoid mixes with alkaline reaction compounds, Calcium based products, white oils, sulphur, poly-sulphates, copper compounds.

The product is stable at storage temperatures between 5°C and + 35°C. Store product in cool, dry and ventilated areas, away from heat sources and direct sunrays.


  • 6 Kg. Jerrycans
  • 10 Kg. Jerrycans
  • 1.400 Kg. tank
  • 30 Kg. Jerrycans


VITA FOSFYK may be used with regular foliar and root fertilisers; may also be mixed with most common phytodrugs.