Resistance inductor


The product contains microorganisms and noble milk proteins, which rebalance the useful microbial flora present in the environment and on the plant, bringing better development and therefore making plants more resistant to various abiotic and / or biotic stresses.

Raw material

Inoculum of mycorrhizal fungi.


  • Mycorrhizal content: 0.1%
  • Rhizosphere bacteria content: 107 CFU / gr
  • Non-genetically modified lactic acid bacteria: (at least 107 CFU / ml)

Doses and use

LEAF: Vine, olive tree, citrus, stone fruit, pome fruit, actinidia, vegetables, nurseries: 2,5 / Kg / ha
GREENHOUSE: 250 gr / 1000

Use from the beginning of the cycle to ripening every 7/10 days, in the periods
hot and humid every 5 days. and repeat the treatment every time
that conditions are created
ideal for the development of pathogens.