Amino acids with chelated zinc


PROJECT ZERO brings to the crops an essential element such as the Zinc, in an entirely complex form with the amino acidic fraction. The product, applied via fertirrigation or foliar application, is quickly absorbed through the skin or the roots and transported, without any degradation or solubilisation, via the lymphatic system to the  usage point.ù

PROJECT ZERO is particularly effective against the insurgence of the main isiopaties due to lack of zinc, such as the apical rosettes of stone fruit and pome fruit trees, foliar cellosis of citruses and the longitudinal chlorotic stripes in corn. Due to its wetting, adhesive, anti evaporating and spreading properties, usage of PROJECT ZERO allows to reduce dripping losses, thus increasing the fertilisation efficiency.


Hides (Max concentration in mg/kg of dry substance of chrome (VI) = 0), zinc chelate EDTA.


Cartons containing 12 bottles of 1 kg. each

5-10 kg. Jerry cans


Organic Nitrogen (N):  6 %

Water soluble organic Nitrogen (N):  6 %        

Water soluble Zinc (Zn): 2,0 %

Organic Carbon ©: 20,0 %