Resistance inductor


OROBANKS has a balancing action on plans, reinforcing their ability to react to environmental and biotic stress, particularly to non-photosynthetic parasites of plant origin such as orobanche. The presence of micronutrients such as iron and copper strengthen further the plant, while thanks to the lymphatic flux, strongly accelerated by our technology, those metals inhibit the growth of non-photosynthetic organisms causing their deterioration.

The organic substance of plant origin stimulates microbial activity in the ground and also a better balance of plants, permitting a better reaction to stress.


no.4 6 kg jerry cans or 12 kg. jerrycans


Fertirrigation: 12-15 Kg/ha with intervention in pre-flowering or at first appearance of stress.- Ripeat every 7-10 days depending on gravity.


Organic Nitrogen (N): 1,0%

Organic Carbon (C ) of  biological origin: 10,0%

Copper (Cu), water soluble: 1,0%

Chelated Copper (Cu) EDTA: 1,0%

Iron (Fe), water soluble: 0,15%

Chelated Iron (Fe) EDT:  0,15%

Ph: 6

Organic matter with nominal molecular weight < 50 Kda: 30%