Biostimulant and resistance inducer


MEMORY MO is a formula studied to reinforce plant’s immune system.

Organic salicylates, B complex vitamins (particularly B12, precursor of chlorophyll), carbon fullerene, fermentation soup with specific frequencies structured water. are present in the plant organic matrix.

MEMORY MO is a bio stimulant, which improves the plant harmony and balance with a perfect absorption of nutritive elements. Its peculiar and specific composition, enhanced by liquid crystal water, reinforces the plants immune system against biotic and abiotic stress.-

This product has obtained excellent results against cucurbits mosaic virus (cmv), melon and courgette: also important results against tomatoes mosaic virus (tmv) and trees diseases such as hazel cancer, esca grape, cherry and plum tree diseases.

MEMORY MO should be used with root and/or foliar applications (better both), in order to create a frequency energy protective capsule around the plant


5 – 10  kg. jerrycans.


Foliar: 6 Kg/ha

Radical:   12 Kg/ha