Magnesium sulphate with trace elements


MEGAMIX is an EDTA 100% chelate with maximum concentration of microelements to cure and prevent suspect and clear deficiencies. May be used in foliar and root applications every 15 days, for 2-3 treatments.

It is recommended to treat alkaline and limestone terrains and, in a solution, it does not leave any residues, as it is entirely chelated and free of impurities. Leader for solubility 250 g/l and for effectiveness, contain less than 2% Sodium (Na).

Application doses

For all crops: 200/300 gr / hl
Fruit farming 8 – 12 Kg/ha
Floricolture 0,3 – 0,5 Kg/1000 mq
Horticolture 0,5 – 0,7 Kg/1000 mq
FOLIAR: 80 – 120 Kg/ha


In each granule we guarantee this composition as solubility leader; it’s the result of a perfect chemical synthesis that has chelated all microelements together:
Magnesium oxide total(MgO) 10
Sulfuric anhydride (SO3) soluble in water 17
Manganese EDTA (Mn) 1,2
Water soluble manganese 1,2
Iron EDTA (Fe) 1,4
Water soluble iron 1,4
Zinc EDTA (Zn) 1,9
Water  soluble zinc 1,9
Copper EDTA (Cu) 0,5
Water soluble copper 0,5
Water soluble borium 0,5