Biostimulant for coloring


This product is specific for naturally promoting coloration and ripening processes of fruits, thanks to the presence of both organic potassium, sugar, and high content of levorotatory amino acids (phenylalanine, precursor of anthocyanin pigments and methionine, precursor of ethylene, a hormone naturally produced during the senescence phase).

Extracts of brown algae efficiently promote the final phase of sugars translocation in the fruits, improving homogeneous ripening, colouring, the organoleptic qualities and the brix grade. This reduces waste material of the processing industry, more coloured fruits, more substantial fruits and a better shelf life.

Raw material

Hydrolyzed alfalfa, molasses, brown algae.


Tomatoes for industry: 5/6 Kg/ha in 2/3 applications starting from 40/50% of red berries, 7-10 days apart.

Grape vine, pome fruits and stone fruits: 5/6 Kg/ha in 2 applications starting from veraison, every 7/10 days.