calcium formate


It is a powder fertilizer suitable for any crop to quickly bring calcium assimilable to the plant even in the phase of excess vegetative vigor, not containing any type of nitrogen.
The particular KALIFIT molecule allows it to be distributed throughout the vegetative cycle, starting from the pre-flowering to the harvest. Furthermore, this formulation guarantees an improvement in the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit as well as better conservation in the post-harvest.


  • Calcium oxide (Cao) soluble in water 42%
  • Formate 67%


Bags of 10 Kg.


This package must be handled following the DIGS 81/2008 s.m.i.

Use and doses


Crops Treatments Doses
Tomato, pepper, eggplant Treat every 10-15 days. starting with the first fruits attached 250-350 gr/hl
Lettuces, endives and escarole, celery, fennel Start the applications from the transplant, every 10-15 days. 250-350 gr/hl
Courgette, watermelon, melon, strawberry Start the treatments when the first attached fruits appear.
Treat every 15 days.
250-350 gr/hl

(apple tree, pear tree, kiwi, stone fruit)

4 treatments starting from falling petals, with an interval of 15-20 days. Pre-harvest treatment is recommended to prevent fridge pathophysiologies 250-350 gr/hl
Viticulture Begin to treat from the post-fruit set phase. Take action every 15-20 days. combined with anti-peronosporic defense 250-350 gr/hl
Nurseries, potted plants, nurseries Treat at intervals of 10-15 days. 250-350 gr/hl
Soil fertigation To be applied according to the nutritional plan, it provides short intervals (6-8 days) for species or cultivars subject to calcium deficiency 250-350 gr/hl

FERTIRRIGATION: Industrial tomato, vine, olive grove, stone fruit, kiwi, artichoke, aubergine, courgette, pepper, tomato, melon, watermelon, fennel, celery, strawberry, cucumber, potato at 5 Kg / ha.
Under greenhouse 500gr./1000mq every week according to the calcium deficiency