DTPA chelated iron


FERPLUS Fe 11 is a powdered EC fertilizer made up of iron chelated with traditional sodium DTPA (maximum concentration 11%).
It is universally used to control ferric chlorosis through the leaves. To be distributed to recognized chlorosis every 8 days for 3-5 treatments.


  • Composition Iron (Fe) soluble in water: 11% ± 0.4
  • Chemical Iron (Fe) chelated with DTPA: 11%

Raw material

Iron chelate (DTPA).

Use and doses

Vine: 80-100 gr / hl, 1 KG / ha
Olive tree: 80-100 gr / hl, 1 KG / ha Pome fruit: 80-100 gr / hl, 1 KG / ha
Actinidia: 80-100 gr / hl, 1 KG / ha
Stone fruit: 80-100 gr / hl, 1 KG / ha
Citrus fruits: 100-150 gr / hl, 1-1.5 KG / ha
Ornamental: 50-80 gr / hl, 0.5-1 KG / ha
Nurseries: 50-80 gr / hl, 0.5-1 KG / ha
Strawberries: 50-80 gr / hl, 0.5-1 KG / ha
Horticulture: 50-80 gr / hl, 0.5-1 KG / ha

The dosages indicated above are for informational purposes only and represent average values based on data acquired from international experience, these dosages can be interpreted and adapted to different local needs, both agronomic and legislative.


It is recommended to start the treatments at the end of the vegetative rest.
The product is photolabile.
The responsibility of the smuggler is limited only to the composition on the packaging.
The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for misuse. In the event of a fire in which the product is involved, use plenty of water.
FERPLUS Fe 11 is compatible with common plant protection products with the exception of alkaline pulp. In case of accidental spillage of the product collect with suitable means and dispose of according to local regulations.