Humic acids in powder


ECO-LIFT 85 is a soil conditioner made out of entirely water-soluble crystals, containing a high percentage of ulmin and fulvic acids. These crystals are extracted from raw leonardite with potassium hydroxide.


Black micro – crystals.


In fertirrigation and foliar applications.


  • It consists of crystals extracted from completely soluble leonardite, containing a very high concentration of humic and fulvic acids.
  • It is a top quality phytostimulant and an excellent means of improving the structure of the soil. It can be used in various fields of application and is compatible with most alkaline or neutral reaction pesticides and with all fertilizers except those containing calcium.

Application doses

Vegetables: 5/10 Kg / ha during the vegetative cycle in two or more applications.

Tomato: 5 kg / ha in pre-flowering and 5 kg / ha after fruit set. Vine: 5/10 Kg / ha located along the row in one or more applications.

Fruit trees: 6/12 Kg / ha from the vegetative restart in two or more applications.

Citrus fruits: 6/12 Kg / ha from the vegetative restart to veraison of the fruits.

Wheat – soy – corn – rice: coinciding with periods of vegetative stress.

Floriculture: 15/20 kg / ha in irrigation water.

Fertirrigation: 6/12 Kg / ha in multiple applications.

Foliar: 100-200 gr / hl


Organic compound as sampled 70 %
Organic compound on dry matter 73 %
Humificated organic compound on organic compound 90 %
Organic nitrogen on dry matter 0,9 %
Ratio C/N 42,2 %
Potassium (KO) 12-14 %
Iron (Fe) 1 %
pH value (1 % in solution) 9 – 11
Density 0,625 Kg/l
CEC 400 – 600 mval/100 g
Extracting tool KOH


  • 25 Kg bags
  • 5 – 2 Kg buckets

Benefits with ECO-LIFT 85

The main quality of humic acids is their high cation exchange capacity. The oxygen content and average water retention capacity are the reasons for the importance of using ECO-LIFT 85 to improve soil fertility and plant growth. The most important characteristic of humic acids lies in their ability to bind insoluble metal ions, oxides and hydroxides, and to release them slowly and continuously to the plant when necessary.