CPN boron amino acids


BOROFIT is a liquid fertilizer with a high concentration of free amino acids and oligopeptides, where Boron is entirely complexed with the organic protein fraction, and a low molecular weight.

Amino acids are particularly efficient in convoying Boron to the inner cellular wall and to the lymphatic system.


Organic water-soluble nitrogen:  3%

Water soluble Boron: 6%

Organic carbon:  10%

Application Times

Borofit is used to prevent or cure physiopathologies typical of Boron deficiencies such as cork in pome fruits, millerandage in grapes, scarce fruit set stage in olive trees and generally in fruit-bearing trees, blackened core in sugar beets, celery breakages and generally to satisfy the high need of Boron required from beets, beetroots, asparagus, sunflowers, pome fruits, stone fruits and tobacco.

Raw material

Hydrolysed proteins, boronethanolammine.


Fertirrigation:  7-10 Kg/ha

Foliar application: 250/500 gr/hl