Liquid amino acids with chelated copper


A liquid fertilizer with a high concentration of free amino acids and oligopeptides, where copper in its chelated form is mixed with an organic fraction of low molecular weight. When used in fertirrigation it remains in solution in the metabolic form mostly used by the plant; when used in foliar irrigation the properties of the amino acids speed the cuticular penetration.  

Biokopper: effective in curing all copper deficiencies such as: leaves yellowing, bushy branches, discoloration and fruit deformities, blue/green coloration of young vegetable leaves, olive peacock spot and olive knot, downy mildew.

Raw material

Hydrolysed proteins. Copper chelate (EDTA). Ph. interval guaranteeing a good stability of the chelated fraction 4-6


Organic water soluble Nitrogen (N: 4,5%

Copper from EDTA:  3,5%

Organic Carbon (C): 15,00%


5-10 Kg jerry tanks and cartons containing 12 bottles of 1 Kg each


Fertirrigation: 4-5/Kg/ha

Foliar application: 150/200 gr/hl