Green clay powder


AVIAN is a powder of natural origins, with strong dehydrating and thickening properties, able to cover the plants with a patina that opposes the thermal effects, reducing the wetting time of the plant surfaces.

Il The product also has an indirect effect able to counteract development of insects and fungi.


Natural quarry product mainly made of montmorillonite clay, silicon dioxide, calcium carbonate, kaolinite, free from polluting agents.

Sun dried, ground and ventilated.

Usage Mode

AVIAN Pmay be distributed dry with a duster, or diluted in water.

The product is mixable with wettable sulphur, and generally with products with acidic reaction.

For all plants, use 2-3 foliar applications in order to cover the new growth..

DOSI: duster: from 10 to 12 kg. hectar

Atomizer: from 0,5 to 0,8 kg. per hectolitre


10  Kg. buckets