Liquid rooting


Avatar is a product with specific action containing micorrhizal (Glomus type), bacteria of the rhizosphere, in particular Bacillus Pseudomonas  and Streptomices with their enzymes and metabolites as well as a natural catalyst able to accelerate their metabolic activity, increase capillarity and water diffusion within the vegetables with an important energy saving. This translates in better health and better plants yield, as well as an improvement of quality parameters and preservation of the fruits.


The association of the microbic consortium that has been empowered with cold resistant bacteria and the natural catalyst, besides accelerating the metabolic activity of the micro organisms thus allowing a fast colonisation of the rhizosphere, allows AVATAR to bring the following advantages:


  • Speed effect of water transportation of water, nutrients, bacteria made hormone-like substances and transportation of the same ENDOFITI bacteria within the plant, increasing the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate)
  • Transportation of silicon, which increases plant strengthening with erect build and better light interception.
  • Higher anti-oxidant action.
  • Better nutrients absorption due to a wider root system and less flush.
  • Increase of CO2 absorption thus increasing biomass produced
  • Higher atmospheric nitrogen fixation.
  • Deeper growth of the taproot system.
  • Stem strengthening, increase in ramification and plants regrowth.
  • Shorter intermediaries
  • Compact, harmonious and balanced plant.
  • Energy savings in the water absorption process translate into better quality, colour and preservation.

Raw material

Inoculum of mycorrhizal fungi.

Doses for all crops

Fertirrigation 25 Kg./ha

Leaf 7/8 Kg./ha