Crop activator – liquid algae


ALGAFOLK 30 is a liquid product based on a blend of selected seaweeds grown in open sea, manufactured without altering their active ingredients. This product is obtained through cold extraction made in the moment of maximum concentration at tissue level of the bio activating substances.

Application doses

LEAF: 150/200ml/hl repeated 4/5 times weekly, especially in flower and vegetable cultivations.

FERTIRRIGATION: 400-500 ml/1000 mq with localized plant.- For trees, actinidia, vegetables with leaves 2 Kg/ha.


The presence of auxines, betaines, cytokinins, and vitamins, favour the most important physiological functions of the crops, speed up photosynthesis, increase the plant’s natural defences increasing resistance to biotic and abiotic stress; furthermore these components stimulate root growth and development improving nutrients and water absorption from the soil, , favour a fast vegetative recovery, a more uniform growth, a higher yield and less sensitivity to roots diseases.


ALGAFOLK 30 can be mixed with fertilizers or pesticides to increase absorption.

ALGAFOL 30 is a product of organic farming and allowed by Reg. CE 889/08.- Each element of this product refers to what included in Reg. CE 889/08, which in turn refers to Reg. CE 834/07.