Highly concentrated algae extract from Ecklonia maxima


Stimulating agent of the plant’s growth, bio regulator and soil enricher, increases the plants rooting and improves development and strength through the action of natural growth hormones. These processes develop growth hormones and regulators, enable a fast vegetative recovery, a more uniform growth, an increased yield and render plants less sensitive to root diseases and nematodes infestations. Plant growth is a result from the immediate physiological impact.

Production process

Seaweed selection (Ecklonia maxima) is made on fresh algae, delicately treated with no heat nor dried with chemical elements. The product is washed mechanically, in order to release the plant’s vegetable hormones. This solution is then filtered in order to remove all parts bigger than 30 micron; its pH is stabilised with buffering agents and organic preservatives are added in order to obtain a natural mix rich with phytohormones.


ALGAFIT may be used on any cultivation; we suggest a post-transplant application to stimulate root growth and strength; during pre-flowering to improve fruit-setting (pairing with Boron suggested) and 2/3 applications during fruit formation and growth (pairing with Calcium suggested) with doses of 1 Kg/ha in fertirrigation and 100 gr./hl for foliar applications.

Raw material

Ecklonia maxima, freshly picked from South Africa’s southern ocean.maxima, freshly picked from South Africa’s southern ocean.

Active ingredients

Liquid extract from fresh sea weeds (Ecklonia maxima) containing auxin, cytokinines and natural gibberellins, B-Vitamins and microelements.

Epochs of use

  • Floriculture: vegetative period, beginning of flowering.
  • Nurseries: At transplantation and vegetative restart.
  • Leaf vegetables: From the first real leaves to the harvest, 3 – 4 operations every 15 – 20 days.
  • Fruit vegetable: At transplanting and pre-flowering, post-fruit setting and every 15 days.
    Industrial crops: From the first real leaves, 2 – 3 treatments every 15 days.


Clear liquid.


Cartoons of 12 bottles of 1 kg each.

Auxine 33mg/lt Cytokinines 0,09mg/It Proteins 1,59%
Starch 4,38% Ashed 1,57% Humidity 97%
Na 202mg/It Cl 1066mg/It EC 1940mS/m
N 0,31% P 840mg/Kg K 310mg/Kg
S 98mg/Kg Ca 46mg/Kg B 0,25mg/Kg
Cu 0,17mg/Kg Fe 0,61mg/Kg Mg 26mg/Kg
Mn 0,01mg/Kg Zn 0,56mg/Kg Mo 0,11mg/Kg
pH 4,7 Viscosity 0,00155 Specific weight 1,067098