Fertilizers Organic

In the following are products with bio-stimulating effect, protein hydrolysates, free amino acid powder and growth promoters, products micorizze rooting based liquids, mixtures of micro-nutrient, fertilizer and liquid organic fertilizer for fertilizing background.

Products for conventional fertilization

Following is the list of non-organic fertilizers listed in alphabetical order:


albero.pngprotein hydrolysates sole.pngbiostimulant fragola.pngMixtures of trace elements grappolo uva.pngFree amino acids in powder and growth promoters
radici.pngRooting free based micorizze spiga di riso.pngFertilizers for fertilizing background goccia.pngLiquid organic fertilizer fiore.pngGrowth-promoting liquid formula
foglia.pngBioactivator growth rapa.pngProducts with specific action and Activators pomodori.pngOrgano-mineral fertilizers fluids fungo.pngFertigation NPK

Materials for cutlery

Luca Viano import semi-finished products in the Agreement and bone. Ideal for cutlery. Click here for more information on materials for cutlery.