Raw material description

Organic mineral nitrogenous fluid fertiliser in suspension.- Produced by hydrolysis of a mix of natural proteins that allow to obtain a solution of free amino acids of about 27%.. The hydrolysed protein is purified with charcoal, standardised at minimum levels. Does not contain carbohydrates, fats, or ingredients.


Dry substance (24H 105 °C) ca.50 %
Total nitrogen (Kjeldahl) 9,00 %
Organic nitrogen 4,50 %
Amoniacal nitrogen 4,50 %
Organic carbon of biological origin 18,00 %
pH 4,2 %


  • Tankers
  • IBC tank of 1.250 Kg
  • Cans of 30 Kg
  • Cans of 10 Kg
  • Cans of 5 Kg
  • Cartoons with 12 bottles of 1 Kg


Organic martrix: hydrolysed animal epithelium, leathers and horsehair, press cakes.

Mineral fertilisers: ammoniacal solution.


Dark brown coloured liquid with low viscosity, density 1,10-1,30 g/ml.


Typical of the product, without foreign odours.


May be mixed with all foliar fertilisers; compatible with almost all herbicides and insecticides; appropriate for all cultivations. Do not use in its pure form.

Amino acids: composition (g/100g protein)

Alanine 7,6 Lysine 5,3
Arginine 6,7 Methionine 0,5
Aspartic acid 4,6 Phenylalanine 2,9
Cysteine 3,2 Proline 0,5
Glutamic acid 15,5 Serine 10,6
Glycine 8,1 Threorine 4,4
Hydroxypoline 1,1 Tyrosine 4,9
Istidine 0,4 Tryphtophan 0,0
Isoleucine 4,0 Valine 5,9
Leucine 5,3 Taurine 8,8


Above mentioned values are approximate and may vary according to the raw materials. Values shown result from multiple analysis on previous years supplies.